18. February, 2016|Blog|Comments Off on Your Brand: Every Experience, Every Day


Your brand is redefined every day through every interaction clients and customers have with your organization.

When things go well, your brand perception grows stronger. When things go poorly, the brand takes a hit – and people share their negative experiences and, worse, often choose not to buy your product or service.

If you fix a customer service problem quickly and well, people share that story, too – and their loyalty grows.

Your brand is not built primarily through one-way communication – what you “push” out to customers and clients. It is built – or damaged – through the way you answer phones, the way you respond to ordering problems, the ease with which people can return items, the way you greet visitors in your lobby….

While you need to consistently communicate your values and your brand promise, the perception of your brand constantly evolves in the minds of every person who engages with you. Your goal is to make them fall in love with your brand all over again, every single day.

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