Strategic Planning, Strong Boards Help Nonprofits Succeed

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Board Development

A strong board is critical for a successful nonprofit, and GideonStone can facilitate basic or advanced board training and retreats for newly formed boards, for boards in crisis, and for boards that desire to grow stronger or develop greater teamwork. Clarifying an organization’s identity and vision with boards is a special focus for GideonStone.

Strategic Planning

We are often called upon when organizations want to shift direction, deal with a sensitive or challenging issue, or right the ship – and we have helped a number of nonprofits align themselves for greater results. Our team facilitates customized strategic planning, including half-day or daylong meetings, weekend planning retreats or multiple sessions over a period of time. To ensure success, we incorporate pre-meetings with the organization’s leaders and independent research and analysis required to accomplish planning goals.

Leadership Advising/Counsel

The GideonStone team can help a new executive director determine early priorities, assess current staffing and processes, review organizational structure, evaluate board effectiveness and provide counsel in times of crisis or major changes in marketplace conditions, revenue streams or staff/board composition.

Fundraising/Campaign Support

From fundraising case statements, grant proposals and donor profiles to advancement planning retreats and goal-setting, campaign feasibility studies and leadership advising, the GideonStone team works closely with clients’ executive leadership and boards to accomplish their fundraising goals. We are happy to discuss custom projects that meet your needs.

Branding and Marketing Strategy

From analyzing a nonprofit’s competitors and assessing its current brand to clarifying the organization’s mission, vision, brand identity and communications strategy, GideonStone is an experienced nonprofit marketing partner.

Crisis Communication

Whether a crisis is brewing or a negative situation has already become public, GideonStone can provide communications counsel, executive and staff training, spokesperson preparation, media relations guidance and key message development that can help you navigate the crisis successfully.

“The IHFC Earth’s Angels program, committed to reaching today’s teen girls and young adult women, needed someone who could share the passion of our mission and help us move toward that our goals. We found Michelle Morris of GideonStone. Michelle’s attention to detail, commitment to excellence and willingness to see what an organization is and can become have assisted IHFC Earth’s Angels with obtaining sustainable growth. God is, without question, using the work of GideonStone to His glory. I am thankful for and humbled by the relationship that Michelle and I have forged during our labor together as sisters. Through her leadership, our organization has grown its advisory board, built sustainable funding and cast a clear and precise vision.”

Kathy Burrell
Founder, President
IHFC Earth’s Angels


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