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Every morning for weeks, I drove past a chain coffee shop that had opened near my neighborhood. And every morning, my frustration grew.

The landscaping near the building was lovely and well kept – but the weeds bordering the property were dense and 5 feet tall.

People driving by each day noticed the landscaping blight. They spoke about it in neighborhood meetings, and complained to the city.

The failure to respect the neighborhood by simply mowing the grass damaged community relationships, cost some business sales – and also tarnished the brand’s national reputation by association.

People don’t just experience your brand in the ways you choose for them to do so. They notice the misspelled word “busses” on the sign as they drive past. They see the dust on your shelves. They notice the trash in the ditch.

They also notice when you do things right – an unexpected kindness, an added-value service for free, a project completed well before the deadline….

Every experience, every day, determines the success and strength of your brand – and you’re competing with companies and organizations that offer people magical experiences. Think Disney and its meticulous attention to details….

Start simple.

Mow your grass. Smile and say thank you. Spell correctly. Make someone’s day.


Dr. Michelle Morris is CEO and managing partner for GideonStone, LLC.


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